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We need your help!  We're missing some names of people in the pictures, so if you recognize yourself or someone else, please send jim.stenehjem@gmail.com the correct name or names.  We put numbers by the people without names, so you can send me the grade level, the row, and the number.  Thank you Ward Sandstrom for providing these pictures!  Please send us your school class pictures!!

Grade 1

Front:  1,  Arlene Salo, Ward Sandstrom, Mick Soiseth, Dorothy Moline, Diana Rabbe, Cheryl Parker, Wendy Strietzel 

Middle: Brad Thompson, Alan Taylor , Karen? ,Oscar Stensaker, Mavis Nelson, Donald Sundet , 7 

Top Row: Arther Hendrickson, Keith Oyloe,  Brenda ? , Roxie Reep ,Debbie Schmitz, Terry ? , Tommy W, Marcie SeibolMiss Evanson


Grade 2

Front:  Val Marcy, 2 , Arlene Salo, Dorothy Moline,  Beatrice Marmon , Ward Sandstrom, Diana Rabbe, Mick Soiseth 

Middle: Bill McFarlin, 2 ,Wendy Strietzel, 4 ,Donald Sundet ,Debbie Schmitz, 7 ,Oscar Stensaker, Mavis Nelson 

Top Row: Doreen Stromstad, 2 ,Inger (from Norway) ,Keith Oyloe,Miss Manger, Roxie Reep , 7 , 8 , 9 ,9


Grade 3

Front:  Val Marcy, Mick Soiseth, Dianna Rabbe, Donald Sundet ,Arlene Salo,Ward Sandstrom, Marcie Sebol ,Bill McFarlin

Middle: Roxie Reep, Mavis Nelson, Dorothy Moline, 4 ,Beatrice Marmon,Doreen Stromstad

Top Row: 1, 2 , 3 ,Miss Silkie, Keith Oyloe, Debbie Schmitz , Oscar Stensaker, 8

Grade 4 

Front:  Andrea Whitecloud, Ward Sandstrom, Wendy Streitzel, Mark Long, Val Marcy, Mick Soiseth, Dorothy Moline

Middle: Donald Sundet, Diana Rabbe, Oscar Stensaker, Mavis Nelson, Bill McFarlin, Josolyn Nelson, Ronald Pflug, Debbie Schmitz, 9 ,

Top Row: 1, Keith Oyloe, Steve Natwick, Doreen Stromstad, William Shear, Teacher,  Lee Logan, Karen Marquette,  Peter Shae 




Grade 4

Front: Terri Hillesland,2, Gayann Braaten,John Callis,Wanda Brenden, David Baldry,Geri Johnson, Terry Hudson, Pam Vig?, Scott Frederickson

Middle: Lorna Johnson, Arvid Borud, Bob Knutson, 4, Bill Berhow, 6,7, Dave Helling, Steve Ike

Top Row: Olaf Bownen, 2,3,4,5,6,Lynn Borud, 8,9, Teacher




Grade 5

Front:  Dorothy Moline, Diana Rabbe, Cheryl Tibbits, Val Marcy, Andrea Whitecloud, Josolyn Nelson 

Middle: Doreen Stromstad, Willisam Shearer, Bill McFarlin, Mick Soiseth, Ward Sandstrom, Mark Long, Debbie Schmitz, Teacher (Joyce Sande)

Top Row: Lee Logan, Cheryl Parker, Keith Oyloe, Peter Shae, Mavis Nelson, Steve Natwick, Joyce Sandy (Tweeter)

Grade 6

Front:  Dorothy Moline, Les Tofte, Mark Long, Ward Sandstrom, Dave Semingson, Mick Soiseth, Bill McFarlin, Wendy Strietzel 

Middle: Principal Herb Coons, Marilyn Lindvig, Diana Rabbe, 4, Mavis Nelson, Val Marcy, Linda Skurdal, Teacher (Mrs. Swanson), Doreen Stromstad

Top Row: Lynn Beaudry, Peter Shae, Ann Skurdal, Tim Larson, Debbie Schmitz, Keith Oyloe, Cheryl Parker, Steve Natwick 

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