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Yearbooks and Other Things



The yearbooks are pdf files loaded to the Issuu.com site or saved in a Dropbox folderYou will have the ability to search on the Issuu site.  If you use the Dropbox site, it is best to download the yearbook to your device and view it as a searchable document. 

Senior Year 1970

Senior Yearbook 1970 on Issuu (Online site)

Senior Yearbook 1970 pd online

Senior Yearbook 1970 in Dropbox (You can download as a pdf)

Junior Year 1969 

Junior Yearbook 1969 on Issuu (Onine site)

Junior Yearbook 1969 pdf online

Junior Yearbook 1969 in Dropbox (You can download as a pdf)


Sophomore Year 1968

Sophomore Yearbook 1968 on Issuu (Online site)

Sophomore Yearbook 1968 pdf online

Sophomore Yearbook in Dropbox (You can download as a pdf)


EXTRA Yearbook 1971 pdf