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Junior High Jabbers

This is a collection of a few Junior High Jabbers that we had in old scrapbooks.  If you see names underlined and other information highlighted, just note it's junior high school comments from that time.  If you have additional copies of the Junion High Jabber, please scan them and send them to Jim Stenehjem.  These are fairly rough copies of old papers, so please excuse the quality.    Just click on the link to see a pdf copy of the edition.


Click on edition to read.  

7th Grade:  Oct 1964 Issue Vol 3


7th Grade:  Dec 1964 Issue Vol 3


8th Grade:  Dec 1965 Issue Vol4


8th Grade:  Feb 1966 Issue Vol 4


8th Grade:  Apr 1966 Issue Vol 4


9th Grade:  Oct 1966 Issue Vol 4


9th Grade:  Nov No 1 Issue Vol 5


9th Grade:  Nov No 1 Issue Vol 5


9th Grade:  Nov No 2 Issue Vol 5


9th Grade: May 1967 Issue Vol 5